"Robosoft" Company offers a "turnkey" comprehensive software solution for a brokerage business in the stock, futures, commodities forward and bond markets, as well as in the CFD and Forex mar-kets.

MarketLogic Trading Platform for broker is powerful software with many features and options that can be customized to your specific requirements. MarketLogic is designed to meet all the Broker’s needs through effective solutions.

MarketLogic for trader is a multilingual terminal with advanced functionality, access to trade in a variety of instruments (currencies, indices, commodities, futures), introductory video materials, access to a growing community of the MarketLogic users, an opportunity to influence the development and improvement of the platform functionality by initiating changes and voting for them as well as effective feedback in the form of improvements to the platform according to your preferences and recommendations.

"Robosoft" Company offers a comprehensive software solution for projects on satellite monitoring, dispatching, managing road safety.

Robosoft.GIS.Core lies at the heart of every solution Geoinformation core, allowing to work with large arrays of different types of mapping and coordinate data at high speed.

Navis commercial version of the software part of the complex control and monitoring.

Navis 2 Ambulance specialized version for dispatching of emergency medical services.

Navis 2 City product for versatile control of public passenger transport.

Navis 2 CityTransit implementation of social control public transport provision for the transfer of data distributed on specialized sites on the Internet and information board.

Navis 2 Energo module for power distribution companies with control functions visiting teams, fuel control and compliance with safety requirements.

Navis 2 Patrol reception system calls "102 Service" and management and for government agencies and commercial structures of law enforcement.

"Robosoft" Company offers a Geographic Information System (GIS) for power distribution companies.

GIS - is integrated into a single electronic information environment of space-based images (maps, charts, plans, etc.) and database (DB). As a database table can be used, passports, illustrations, schedules, etc. This integration significantly expands the capabilities of the system and simplifies the analytical work with coordinate-referenced information.

Product Features:

  • graphical display of semantic information from the database by mapping the mutual spatial arrangement of data;
  • increase the capacity of the product due to communication spatially oriented image semantic information from the database, as well as integration with EPR systems such as SAP;
  • improvement of structuring information and, as a consequence, increase the efficiency of analyzing and processing.

The current trend of building GIS for utilities is to integrate the so-called AM / FM-systems (Automatic Mapping / Facilities Management - Automated Mapping / Management of operation of equipment) on the basis of GIS technologies, on the one side and the mathematical apparatus of the subject area, on the other side.

The aim of the project http://maps.ua is to develop and distribution of vector maps, keeping them up to date, as well as related software products and solutions.

Map data sources are satellite and aerial photographs, statistics database, open data and mapping services of our partners.

Our cards are mainly used in geographic information software and specialized print maps and atlases. For each project maps are made individually, taking into account the technical requirements. The main advantages of our maps: high accuracy, originality and quality of information that allows you to integrate maps into existing software and to increase the efficiency of business processes.

"Robosoft" Company offers a project http://transit.in.ua - Internet service through which data on public transport (the movement of buses on routes) in real time available to a wide range of the population, including mobile devices. The system also notifies passengers about the expected arrival of transport to a stop on the LED displays.

This service is based on hardware-software complex Navis 2 CityTransit - system management of urban passenger transport.

Today the most effective method dispatching and control public transport is the use of satellite monitoring technologies. Such solutions have long been used in most developed countries, and in recent years, and in the CIS. However, in Ukraine the process of implementing monitoring transport is at an early stage. The initiative in this direction aims not only to obtain economic benefits, but also increase the level of comfort for the residents.

As a consequence of the service have improved public opinion about the activities of the executive power, increased interest and activity of the population in improving public transport.